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Become a 2022-2023 Patron of the
Mira Costa Drama/Tech Boosters


Since 2004, the Mira Costa Drama/Tech Boosters have helped create opportunities for cultural enrichment, creative development and self-discovery for the students at Mira Costa High School through the art of live theatre. The Drama/Tech Program encourages students to imagine, create, explore and discover their potential as artists. We are incredibly proud of the work our students consistently produce and are humbled by the ongoing support of our community.


While our families work hard to raise necessary funds, booster parent donations and outside individual donations are critical to the success of the Program. Please join us by becoming a 2022-2023 Patron of the Mira Costa Drama/Tech Boosters. The majority of our most generous and loyal donors are private individuals who appreciate theatre and its value to our community.


The Drama/Tech Program has grown to become one of the finest high school theatre programs in Southern California. This would not be possible without the commitment, goodwill and continued generosity of community members. The much-needed revenue raised through outside donations will be used to help cover production expenses, in-class enrichment, including workshops and seminars with industry professionals, classroom supplies and improvements, participation in festivals, and other items essential to our students’ educational experience in the dramatic arts.

Our program was greatly impacted by the COVID 19 related closures of our schools and the cancellation of two spring musicals: Into the Woods (2020) and Beauty and the Beast. (2022).  We appreciate that this is a very hard time to ask for donations, but any amount will help this wonderful program.


Please join us in encouraging theatrical arts in our schools by becoming a Patron of the Mira Costa Drama/Tech Boosters. To donate, please visit the link above. We have very limited access to accept checks, but if you need to donate by check, we would gladly assist you! Please reach out to Kathie at for help.


On behalf of the Mira Costa Drama/Tech Boosters, thank you for your support and we look forward to getting back in person and back to performing as soon as it is safe to do so. We hope you will enjoy our fall season production of Love/Sick and the spring musical Mamma Mia. Stay well and stay safe. 

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