Mira Costa students bring scenes to compete with other schools at the Fullerton College High School Theatre Festival every Spring.  Throughout the years, Fullerton Festival has been attended by more than 20,000 students from 150 high schools.



Ensemble: Contemporary Humorous

Charlotte Estrin 

Ella Mendelson 

Madi Jordan 

Ivy Shankle 


Ensemble: Contemporary Dramatic

Lauren Kay

Dylan Kircher

Luma Mina

Aashna Patel


Ensemble: Classical Humorous or Dramatic

Ema Brown

Isabella Dolim

Bryson Ehrhard

Madeline Fraenkel

Gigi Panzarella

Logan Rice

Travers Tobis


Monologue: Contemporary Humorous

Kate Bacon

Jordan Krinsky

Sage West


Monologue: Contemporary Dramatic

Ema Brown

Emma Canty

Katherine Halkias


Monologue: Classical Humorous

Francesca Barile

Madeline Fraenkel

Sasha Popov


Monologue: Classical Dramatic

Erica Boylan

Isabella Camacho

Grace Heroux


Musical Theatre Cut (Solo Performance)

Francesca Barile

Alex Fliszar

Elizabeth Krause 

Reese Martin

Fiona Okida

Gabriella Papera


Set Design

Francie Kraus



Chasen Simon

Hannah Wolfgang