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MAMMA MIA! Callback List

For links to audition PIANO TRACKS and VOCAL CUTS, click here

We would like to see the following people for MAMMA MIA! Callbacks:



Charlie Baboolal

Colin Boisvert

Matalee Brown

Ashley Calza

Margie Conner

Natalie Cooper

Haley Dohner

Chloe Estrin

Ava Ford

Luke Fraunces

Siena Fredrick

Maggie Gerken

Kathryn Glavin

Aaron Henschel

Emily Hucul

William Kiely

Ava May

Jonah Mirkovich

Sam Probst

Natalie Ramirez

Jack Searer

Dean Spurgeon

Jackson Yollin


Please meet in Room 1 on Wednesday, January 11th, at 3:30 PM. Dress professionally. You will read from sides and possibly sing a vocal cut that is different than the cut you sang during auditions. We will briefly teach the cut to you if that is the case. Be prepared to stay as late as 7:30 though many will be released early.


Thank you to everyone who auditioned. Remember, if you are not on this list, you may still be cast in the show.


It was a pleasure to watch you work! Feel free to approach me for feedback about your audition.


-Mr. Westerberg

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