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"Holding Out for a Hero"
"Let's Hear It for the Boy" 
"Can You Find It in Your Heart"
"Still Rockin'"
"I Can't Stand Still"
"Heaven Help Me"
"Mama Says"
"The Girl Gets Around"
Ariel _Holding Out for a Hero_ 39-65
Rusty _Let_s Hear it for the Boy_ 59-79
Vi _Can You Find it in Your Heart_ 31-45
Cowboy Bob _Still Rockin_ 28-45
Ren _I Can_t Stand Still_ 13-38
Shaw _Heaven Help Me_ 41-66
Willard _Mama Says_ 12-29
Chuck _The Girl Gets Around_ 54-80
Practice Tracks
Vocal Cuts

Labelled "Male" Vocal Cuts are here.

Labelled "Female" Vocal Cuts are here.

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