Costa Drama/Tech Wins Multiple Awards at Fullerton Theatre Festival:

Congratulations to Mira Costa Drama/Tech for taking home awards in several categories at the Fullerton College High School Theatre Festival this weekend. Costa competed against dozens of schools in a wide range of theatre competitions, including Tech Olympics, musical theatre scenes, monologues, comedic and dramatic scenes, and comedy improv.

Here are the final results:

Tech Overall: 1st Place - Green Team, 2nd Place - Gold Team

*Individual Event Info

Green Team: Zac Bell, Sophi Boylan, Olivia Nguyen, Madison Reinart, Samantha Ruhl

Gold Team: Sofia Aguirre, Mia Davis, Carly Jaeger, Janireth Lopez, Kira Mateo

Alternates: Maddy Lathbury, Yua Watanabe

2nd Place for "A Chorus Line"

Cast: Clare Arnold, Scott Baxter, Carson Billingsley, Joie Culligan, Jenna Gaspari, Jack Gebele, Emma Gray, Cole Konis, Rachel Langetieg, Caroline Lesser, Griffin Moore, Max Orroth, Mary Clare Powell, Owen Price-Hughes, Natalie Rebenkoff, Logan Rice, Julia Russell, Hannah Ryan, Tucker St. Ivany, Olivia Stanley, and Zehra Topbas.

2nd Place for "The Imaginary Invalid": Sydney Holliday and Chase Ramsey

3rd Place - Team Ha Ha: Franny Barile, Carson Billingsley, Emma Gray, Lilly Kohler, Ansley Rowell

*TECH OLYMPICS - Individual Event Winners

Costume Quick Change: 1st Place - Gold Team, 2nd Place - Green Team

Tool Usage Relay: 1st Place - Green Team, 2nd Place - Gold Team

Wiring: 1st place - Green Team, 3rd Place - Gold Team

Prop Set-up: 2nd Place - Green Team

Individual Knot Tying: 3rd Place - Sofia Aguirre


Congratulations, as well, to the finalists in various acting and theatre games categories: Maggie Cubillos, Hope Hawkins, Natalie Rebenkoff, Ansley Rowell, Travers Tobis, Team TBD: Sophi Boylan, Peter Moglia, Rebecca Rawson, Stephanie Sala, Zehra Topbas -- and to all the students who participated at the festival.




Classical Humorous

1. Natalie Rebenkoff

2. Julia Russell

3. Sofia Pizer


Classical Dramatic

1. Megan Yeh

2. Ella Dabney

3. Anjali Deepak


Cont. Humorous

1. Rachel Langetieg

2. Maggie Cubillos

3. Bailey Borowsky


Cont. Dramatic

1. Hannah Ryan

2. Scott Baxter

3. Tucker St. Ivany




Cont Dramatic

1. Hope Hawkins, Ansley Rowell, Travers Tobis, Director: Sofia Aguirre


2. Madison Reinart, Kayla Fermanian, Director: Stephanie Sala

Cont Humorous

1. Sam Lamkin , Leilani Poffenbarger, Darby McDonald

2. Jenna Gaspari, Clare Arnold, Mary Clare Powell



1. Sydney Holliday, Chase Ramsey

2. Sofia Fontaine, Max Orroth, Bella McDaniel

3. Madi Weissenberg, Griffin Moore, Director: Danielle Healy




Gold Team

1. Carly Jaeger

2. Kira Mateo

3. Mia Davis

4. Janireth Lopez

5. Sofia Aguirre

Green Team

1. Zac Bell

2. Madison Reinart

3. Sam Ruhl

4. Olivia Nguyen

5. Sophi Boylan


1. Madelyn Lathbury

2. Yua Watanabe


1. Clare Arnold

2. Scott Baxter

3. Carson Billingsley

4. Joie Culligan

5. Jenna Gaspari

6. Jack Gebele

7. Emma Gray

8. Cole Konis

9. Rachel Langetieg

10. Caroline Lesser

11. Griffin Moore

12. Max Orroth

13. Mary Clare Powell

14. Owen Price-Hughes

15. Natalie Rebenkoff

16. Logan Rice

17. Julia Russell

18. Hannah Ryan

19. Tucker St. Ivany

20. Olivia Stanley

21. Zehra Topbas



Team Haha

1. Emma Gray

2. Carson Billingsley

3. Ansley Rowell

4. Franny Barile

5. Lily Kohler


Team TBD

1. Stephanie Sala

2. Rebecca Rawson

3. Sophi Boylan

4. Peter Moglia

5. Zehra Topbas

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