Mira Costa High School Drama/Tech Boosters


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Fullerton Festival 2018

(highest overall scores among all schools participating at the festival)

1st place - Cast: Ava Alexiades, Carson Billingsley, Brinn Borowsky, Kyra Dates, Ari Derambakhsh, Molly DeSimone, Natalie Dreger, Jack Drinker, Jack Gebele, Noah Geller, Sabrina Harris, Rachel Langetieg, Charlie Lusky, Toby Kamish, Cole Konis, Will Martens, Olivia Morgan, Griffin Moore, Mary Clare Powell, Owen Price-Hughes, Natalie Rebenkoff, Hannah Ryan, Kaitlin Sanders, Tiffany Smith, Olivia Stanley, Tucker St. Ivany

1st place – Team HaHa: Sophi Boylan, Jack Drinker, Dalia Feliciano, Rebecca Rosen, Tucker St. Ivany

Tech Overall: 1st place Gold Team, 2nd place Green Team
Relay Tool Usage: 1st place Green team, 2nd place Gold Team
Electrical Wiring: 1st place Green Team, 2nd place Gold Team
Tool identification: 1st place Green Team, 3rd place Gold Team
Lighting Focus: 2nd place Green Team
Costume Quick Change: 2nd place Gold Team
Team Knot Tying: 2nd place Gold team
Individual Knot Tying: 2nd place Sofia Aguirre
Prop Quick Change: 3rd place Gold Team

Gold Team: Alex Attala, Mia Davis, Carly Jaeger, Matt Sherman, Kira Rapier-Mateo, Janireth Lopez (alternate)

Green Team: Sofia Aguirre, Alyssa Castronuovo, Reilly Fox, Sofia Wuolijoki, Lani Yujiri, Mikelyn Anderson (alternate)

Congratulations, as well, to the finalists in various acting and theatre games categories -- Scott Baxter, Ari Derambahksh, Emma Gray, Sabrina Harris, Sydney Holliday, Owen Price-Hughes, Natalie Rebenkoff, Kavita Sarathy, Team Tycoon: Carson Billingsley, Molly DeSimone, Shelby Friedman, Toby Kamish, Stephanie Sala -- and to all the students who participated in the event.


Special Thanks to Ryan Miller - MFA, UCLA School of Theatre Film and Television -

For his work with the students on the Classical Fullerton Piece

Ryan is an actor and educator originally from Redlands, California.  Previous credits include Tartuffe, All My Sons, Last Train to Nibroc, The Hiding Place, A Midsummer Nights Dream, Romeo and Juliet, Life on Roosevelt Plaza, Three Sisters, and Development. Ryan earned his BA from Vanguard University and is a graduate of the MFA acting program at the University of California Los Angeles where he studied under SITI Company members J Ed Araiza and Ellen Lauren, as well as Paul Wagar, Judith Moreland, and Jean Louie Rodrigue. Ryan also works as an acting instructor in the musical theatre conservatory at Orange County School of the Arts.