Mira Costa High School Drama/Tech Boosters


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    Welcome to the Mira Costa ComedySportz 

High School League Team Page!!!

Please check the calendar for upcoming events and matches.

Next Comedy Sportz Match:

March 3rd, 7pm

Comedy Sportz First Match of the Year!

Teacher Advisor: Maddie Hutchinson

Managers: Cara Christian* & Claire Layden*

Parent Advisors:  Susan Layden & Lori Seavey-Christian

*returning players

Beau Staso
Bryant Bardeau
Carson Billingsley
Dalia Feliciano
Emma Gray
Emma Nerad
Hunter Lynch
Isabel Gray
Jack Drinker
Jenna Billingsley
Molly DeSimone
Parker Sublette
Peter Moglia
Rebecca Rawson
Riley Douglas
Sam Schwartz
Shelby Friedman
Sophi Boylan
Stephanie Sala
Toby Kamish
Tucker St. Ivany

Will Martens
Zehra Topbas